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The New ‘AI Windows’ Will Change How We Use Computers Forever
The New ‘AI Windows’ Will Change How We Use Computers Forever

AI-First Computers

Microsoft has introduced "Co-Pilot Plus PCs," designed to prioritize AI operations with dedicated hardware, including a CPU, GPU, and a Neuro Processing Unit (NPU) for faster, local AI processing without burdening the other processors.

Reduced Delays

These AI-first PCs aim to eliminate delays associated with cloud processing, allowing real-time responses directly on the device, in contrast with other devices that require cloud connectivity.

Performance Comparisons

Microsoft claims these PCs are the most powerful ever built, outperforming competitors like the Apple MacBook with M3 processors in various speed and performance tests.

Enhanced Co-Pilot Experience

The Microsoft Co-Pilot, previously accessible via web or a Windows sidebar, will now be available as a versatile app that can be moved around the screen for a more integrated user interface.

Real-Time Interaction

Demonstrations show that Co-Pilot can interact in real-time, providing immediate voice responses and suggestions, such as in games like Minecraft or while photo editing, enhancing the user experience through interactive guidance.

Recall Feature

A new feature in Windows 11, "Recall," allows users to access a history of all activities performed on the PC, including web browsing and document edits, akin to a photographic memory. Users can delete any undesired data from the memory.

Privacy and Security

Microsoft emphasizes that data used with Co-Pilot is processed locally and not used for training, with options to delete any undesired data from memory, addressing potential privacy concerns.

Real-Time Transcription and Translation

New capabilities include transcribing and translating conversations in real-time during video calls, breaking down language barriers effectively.

AI Enhancements in Creative Applications

Microsoft also showcased AI-assisted features in creative software like Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop, which leverage the NPU for tasks like rotoscoping in DaVinci Resolve.

Future AI Developments

The transcript anticipates further innovations to be revealed at Microsoft's ongoing Build event, emphasizing the rapid advancement in AI capabilities and their integration into everyday computing.


Microsoft's announcement of "Co-Pilot Plus PCs" represents a significant step toward integrating AI into everyday computing. With dedicated hardware like the NPU, these AI-first PCs aim to provide real-time, locally processed AI capabilities, enhancing user experiences across various applications while addressing privacy concerns. As AI continues to advance rapidly, Microsoft's Build event promises to unveil further innovations in this space.


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